Publications & Research Output

Peer-Reviewed Published Academic Material

  •  ‘One Sauce for the Goose, another for the Gander: Zambian Women Judges and Perceptions of Illegitimacy’ in Gender and Judging Across Africa in Jarpa Dawuni (ed) (forthcoming Routledge 2020).
  • ‘Judicial Service Commissions and the Appointment of Women to Higher courts in Nigeria and Zambia’ in S. Sterett and L. Walker (eds) Research Handbook on Law and Courts, 2019 (co-authored with Jarpa Dawuni).
  • ‘Josephine Dawuni and H. E Akua Kuenyehia (eds.): International Courts and the African Woman Judge: Unveiled Narratives’, book review published inFeminist Legal Studies, (2019): 1-4.
  • ‘The Judicial Service Commission and the appointment of Women: more to it than meets the eye’ International Journal of the Legal Profession, May 2019.
  • ‘Who nominates? Some issues underlying the appointment of judges in South Africa’ (2017) 3, Stellenbosch Law Review, 541 (co-authored with Chris Oxtoby).
  • ‘The Vulnerability of Judges in Contemporary Africa: Alarming Trends’ (2017) 63, 4 Africa Today, 3.
  • ‘Customary Law Inheritance: Lessons Learnt from Ramantele v Mmusi and Others’ (2016) 24, 4 African Journal on international and Comparative Law, 582.
  • ‘Gender Transformation as a means of enhancing perceptions of impartiality on the bench’ (2016) 133, 3 South African Law Journal, 475.
  • ‘It’s A Man’s World: Barriers to Gender Transformation in the South African Judiciary. Perspectives from Women Advocates and Attorneys’ (2016) 23, 3 International Journal of the Legal Profession, 305.
  • ‘A Perspective on Women and Leadership in the South African Judiciary’ (2015) 3 South African Journal of Human Rights, 655.
  • ‘Standing on the Side-lines clapping; Women and Zambia’s Constitutional Process’ in Jaap de Visser and Nico Stelyer (eds) Constitution Building in Africa (2015), 48.

Professional Journals and Other Reports

  • ‘Is the appointment of Acting Judges Transparent? De Rebus the SA Attorneys Journal, (co-authored with Alison Tilley).
  • Customary Law Inheritance: Lessons from Ramanetle v Musi & Others’ Oxford Human Rights Working Paper series, no.6, April 2014.
  • ‘Courting Controversy: Is judicial activism the only way to tackle gender inequality in southern Africa? OSISA journal, June 2013.
  • ‘Submission and Research Report on the Judicial Records of Nominees for Appointment to the Supreme Court of Appeal, High Court, Competition Appeal Court and Electoral Court April 2013’ co-authored with C. Oxtoby and L Wallis.
  • ‘Comment on Private Member’s Bill: Draft Constitution Nineteenth Amendment Bill (PMB7)’ 2013 co-authored with Chris Oxtoby and Richard Calland.
  • Legal Complaint on the lack of Gender Diversity in the Judiciary’ filed with the Commission on Gender Equality, 2012.

Editorial Experience

  • ‘Special Issue on Women and Judicial Appointments’ International Journal of the Legal Profession (2020) 27,2 ; co-edited with Professor Ulrike Schultz.
  • ‘A Warrior for Justice-Essays in Honour of Dikgang Moseneke’ Acta Juridica Journal (2017); co-edited with Professor Penelope Andrews and Judge Dennis Davies.

Peer Reviewing Roles

  • Peer Reviewer for chapter entitled ‘Pursuing Gender Equality Through the Courts: The Role Of South Africa’s Women Judges in the edited book on Gender and Judging Across Africa (forthcoming 2020).
  • Peer Reviewer for the South African Journal of Human Rights (SAJHR) for a submission entitled ‘The constitutionality of the election deposits currently prescribed: Economic Freedom Fighters v the President’ (2015).